Vastu Yoga

Yogashastra is the foundation of Vaastushastra. In Vaastushastra every Vastu is considered to be a living entity. The 'prana' (living breath) which is the essence of Yogashastra is reflected in the Vaastushastra concept of positive energy flow.

Almost all the principles of Vaastushastra can be traced to Yogashastra vision and practice. The Panch-Maha-Bhutas (five great elements) are studied in detail in Yogashastra.

The individual qualities and effects of permutations and combinations of these elements - earth, water, fire, wind, and ether - are extensively utilised in Vaastushastra to evaluate the virtues and vices of directions in a Vastu. Vaastu-dosha or flaws in a Vaastu can be treated with the help of helpful properties of particular element.

'Ida' or 'Chandra Nadi' and 'Pingala' or 'Surya Nadi', which are important aspects of yogic practice, are reflected in Vaastushastra as two-stream theory - Jaivik Urja and Pranik Urja. 'Ida' stream gives stability, strength, peace, prosperity and promotes life processes. Its zone of influence extends over North and East directions. 'Pingala' stream is associated with pain, hardship, misfortune, sorrow and is considered detrimental to life. It has control over the South and West directions.

In defining or altering properties of various directions in a Vaastu or a house, Vaastushastra has to take recourse to Yogashastra principles.

Indian yoga codified from esoteric practices that are thousands of years old. It has developed several branches to accommodate different personality styles. The major yogas are Bhakti (a devotional approach that opens the heart, it is best for those who are primarily emotionally-oriented), Jnana (an intellectual approach that leads to wisdom, it is best for those who are primarily mentally-oriented), Karma (an active, service-oriented approach, it is best for those who are more extroverted and who find meaning mostly through relationship), and Raja (a meditational approach, it is best for those who are primarily oriented to the practical aspects of a situation).