Crystal Vastu

Vastu is basically a science that enhances the energy in the office or home or any place where men live, raising the quality of life in a peaceful and happy manner. The field of Vastu is widespread and is a deep well where one cannot go without finding a remedy. So, lots of solutions are benefitted out of it and out of them Crystal remedies are the most effective in the world because of its capacity of occupying the negative effects.

Crystal, in India is otherwise called the SPHATIK and is a word from Greek Version "Krystallos" meaning 'ice'. It was believed earlier by them that the crystals were formed from ice. In fact, there is not a single crystal alone that exhibits everything powerful. On the contrary, one could find many varieties of crystals and minerals which can be used to cure and render spiritual support. However, when thinking of the crystals that cure the problems, mostly quartz clear crystal is thought of. The term quartz has been derived from the Saxon word 'querklufterz' which signifies "cross vein ore".

Crystal works in a perceptive way to release physical and psychic energy. How heavy would be your heart when you are completely depressed? Let's translate it in to an energetic state and imagine how dense and slow your energy is at times. Crystals have vibrations that are high and it raises oscillations of other life formation in their locality. Thus, when one is depressed, the energy derived from the crystals restores your atmosphere and lifts the vibration wavelength above the state of depression.

Actually, a crystal is "a three-dimensional molecular, atomic or ionic structure comprising of sporadically repeated, similarly constituted, appropriate unit cells". The most effective of the crystals is the clear quartz crystal and this focuses on any form of energy. This can be finely viewed by oneself when holding such crystal above the palm of one's hand and revolve it slightly in a clockwise direction. One could see the degree of light revolving on the hand, beneath the crystal as it centers the light within the room or the sunlight.

Crystals find their growth in a disorderly mineral atmosphere and control the environment surrounding them to a stable level. This is the way how crystals function in the process of healing. Ultimately, they bring one's cell to a balance and there can be only two things that can harm the human body. May be some external factors coming from outside like the virus, allergen, toxic, bacterium etc or any internal changes such as mental processes, tough patterns, emotions etc.

Crystal can never harm anyone unless they are dropped from a particular height. This doesn't signify that few people do not realize energy changes while functioning with crystals. Moreover, crystals are well known for their ability to energize and more than thousands of years, it has been used in the process of healing. It entirely depends on the size of crystals being chosen as different sizes are used for various ailments and it signifies the quantity of energy one is trying to transform.