Aestro Vastu

Our Horoscope is a directional map as it was at the time of birth. Since vastu is a direction science, significance of 12 houses of horoscope and directions are close related. Planets signify different things and matter.

Vastu plays a very important role in good or a bad period of any individual. Every direction has different results on different person, according to the planets in horoscope.

Generally north east is assumed to be a very good direction in general, but it doesn’t mean that having a main entrance at Northeast will work out to be very good for every individual. Just as an apple may be good for most of the people but can be allergic to some.

These things and many others are checked from individual’s horoscope. Hence one should always match living lifestyle as per his horoscope and enhance prosperity in life. So ASTRO - VAASTU is more precious and result oriented Fixed rules of Vastu can enhance your living whileASTRO - VASTU can totally enhance and improve it.