for Plot & plans

Relax and walk on the land. Close your eyes and do some deep breathing. Gradually begin to feel the rays and vibrations which that land would be emitting. If you feel good and happy it means the land has positive energy. Call it the first test. It is now necessary to further check the energy of the land. Vastu prescribes several traditional methods which are in practice even now and yield correct results.

A plot of land is the first and foremost prerequisite of a building. While selecting a plot of land, you must be very careful regarding its shape and the omens related to it.


Ideally the plot should face the cardinal directions (E-W or N-S). A twist upto 12 degrees is permitted. A diagonal plot (whose corners meet at E-W or N-S the plot) should be rejected. Such a plot invites confusion and miseries to the owner and his family.